Instagram mass DM 📨

instantly Get more reach & leads by sending instagram dm’s to anyone you want — (including your competitor’s followers)

📝 About Instagram Mass DM Campaign

  • Send up to 4 Million Instagram Direct Messages (DM’s) on your behalf without sending them one-by-one at scale

  • Reach anyone you want, including your competitor’s followers

  • Outbound IG Direct Message = no waiting on followers to get more sales & traffic

💰 Pricing

  • STANDARD DELIVERY | 1-5 day delivery time (depending on the volume of messages)

    • $199 per 20,000 DM’s

  • EXPRESS DELIVERY | Same day - 48 hour delivery time (up to 4 million)

    • $249 per 20,000 DM’s

🤔 How It Works

  1. Our Instagram DM system will send out Direct Message on your behalf (via 3rd party accounts to protect your account reputation) with your offer within the delivery time frame

  2. People who receive your messages & are interested in your offer will funnel into your @instagram page to check out your profile + offer

  3. Check your Direct Message Inbox (as well as ‘Message Requests’ folder) for any new messages

  4. Get new customers! 😃

  5. Repeat & send more DM’s


Examples of Mass DM Campaigns In Real Life